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Position 8: Government Official (Preparation Level 4)

Description: A variety of positions at local, county, state, and federal levels have responsibility for the well being of children and families.

Positions include:  Social services caseworker, child care unit personnel (e.g., registry, child care training, regional representative), project director, grant coordinator, and policy analyst.

Knowledge, Skills and Dispositions: Knowledge of the topic specialized area, ability to work with others, and communication skills are essential.

Employment Settings: Local, state, and federal government offices.

Required Qualifications: A minimum of an associate's degree with coursework and experience in a related field is required. Working for government often involves placement from a civil service exam.

Opportunity for Advancement: Persons already employed through civil service have first opportunity at open positions. Advancement may not be possible but lateral moves, within the same pay scale but performing a different function is quite common.

Related Careers:

Serving Children Directly โ€“ Case worker, family services worker

Serving Families Directly โ€“ Case worker, child advocate

Providing Information Goods and Services โ€“ Public assistance administrator, regulator, inspector, food program auditor, referral agent administrator

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