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Position 15: College Professor (Preparation Level 6)

Description: The college professor (instructor, assistant professors, associate professor, and professor) educates students interested in careers in early childhood and school-age programs. In addition to teaching a college professor may conduct research on early related childhood-related topics. 

Knowledge, Skills, and Dispositions: Depth of knowledge in early childhood-related topics, skills in planning and facilitating an effective learning environment, public speaking, negotiation and problem-solving, and active listening. The professor holds a developmental point of view, adheres to the principles of adult learning, understands adult learning styles, and is familiar with the early care and education system.

Employment Settings: Two- and four-year colleges and universities teaching in undergraduate and graduate programs

Qualifications: A college professor has a deep knowledge of a specific content area with skills in teaching and communication.

Preparation: College professors are typically required to have an advanced degree usually a Ph.D. or Ed.D. Coursework preparation may be in child development, early childhood education, childhood education, research methodology, and statistics.

Opportunity for Advancement: College professors can advance to administrative positions in colleges and universities.

Related Careers:

Serving Children Directly – Program Administrator

Providing Information Goods and Services – Researcher, training specialist

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